ME/CFS Symptoms

Symptoms for those with ME/CFS vary from one individual to another. For this reason the ME Diary have included the most commonly experienced symptoms.

Exhaustion (mandatory)
Post Exertional Neuroimmune Exhaustion (PENE) (mandatory)
Muscle Weakness
Muscle Pain
Joint Pain
Sleep Problems
Mobility Problems
Cognitive Problems

IOT recommend you choose only the most prominent symptoms to monitor for each new diary cycle. The reasons for this advice includes charts will become very confusing when many symptoms are added. Focusing on core symptoms will increase your chances and your medical/health practitioners’ chances of finding suitable treatments. Rather than being overwhelmed by multiple symptoms you can concentrate on two to four symptoms each diary cycle to improve your chances of treatment and recovery.

Add Personalised Symptoms

You can also add your own personalised symptoms to the diary. These can be easily incorporated in the Monitored Symptoms Section.

Adding Personalized symptoms should be the same for all phones and tablets. When you start a new diary and enter the symptoms section by pressing Edit. You have the choice to deselect those symptoms you do not want to monitor, except Exhaustion and PENE, which are mandatory.

Now press the phone menu button and press Add. Enter the personalised symptom into the dialogue box. Press OK. The added symptom should now appear on the list. You can repeat these steps until you are satisfied with the symptom list.

To finish press the phone menu button and then Apply. Your added symptoms will appear automatically on the symptom list every time you start a new diary.

Please see suggested symptoms below, taken from the International Consensus Criteria.

Mobility Problems


Post-Exertional Neuroimmune Exhaustion (PENE)
Muscle Weakness
Orthostatic intolerance
Cannot tolerate upright position
Heart Pain
Respiratory Problems
Muscle Pain
Joint Pain
Widespread Pain
Radiating Pain

Neuro-Immune Problems

Sleep Problems

Post-Exertional Neuroimmune Exhaustion (PENE)
Flu-like symptoms Large/tender Lymph nodes
Sore throat
Viral infections
Cognitive Problems
Poor Memory
Problems focusing eyes
Thermostatic instability
Intolerance of temperatures
Prolonged Sleep
Frequent Awakening
Vivid dreams/nightmares
Un-refreshed Sleep


Gut Problems

Sensitive to foods
Sensitive to medications
Sensitive to chemicals
Sensitive to odour
Sensitive to light/noise
Sensitive to touch/vibration
Sensitive to taste
Abdominal pain
Irritable bowel syndrome

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