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Symptoms Room 101

How many symptoms does a person who suffers from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis /Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have? Answer multiple by definition of diagnosis. Do they change in severity? Do they ever alleviate? Do old symptoms return and new symptoms arrive? I bet the answer to most, if not all of these questions is YES, YES, YES! When […]

Send Detailed Reports

The ME Diary Smartphone application will provide an electronic record of Activity, Fatigue and symptoms. This allows the user to create a detailed email report ME Diary email reports include both quantitative and qualitative data Reports can be sent to anyone that may benefit your treatment Used as a record for future reference Allows you to analyse […]

Monitor Your Fatigue and Symptoms

The ME Diary Smart Phone Application will give those affected by ME/CFS the opportunity to: Monitor all symptoms using the latest touch screen technology Generate a detailed chart of symptoms and fatigue Cross reference symptoms and fatigue Cross reference fatigue and daily activity Complete a full detailed 24hr period in a matter of minutes

Innovation Towards Health and Independence

IOT and ESE are developing a unique approach to chronic illness. Empowering individuals to take control of their healthcare needs Using an instant feedback loop to improve products and services Allowing each individual user to have their say to improve their Health and well being Working with those most in need of help and Independence […]

Illustrate Your Need for Support

The ME Diary Smart Phone Application will illustrate your current problems using: Five easy to read illustrative graphs An activity grid display for sleep, rest, low, medium and high activity The facility to add and monitor individual symptoms By creating a detailed report, which can be emailed for support Displaying an accurate Activity Baseline Calculation

Calculate Baseline

Accurately Calculate your Activity and Fatigue Baseline The ME Diary Smart Phone Application is designed to help those affected by ME/CFS: Find an Activity Baseline quickly and accurately Maintain an Activity Baseline Help to safely increase an Activity Baseline Monitor Symptoms and Fatigue Monitor switching Activity/Energy Act as an electronic record