Monitoring Activity

Activity Baseline

An Activity Baseline is the amount of activity you can perform on a daily basis without any adverse affects. This means you can perform the same amount of tasks on a good day as you can on a bad day, without any additional ME/CFS related symptoms.


To set the Baseline calculator in motion you will be asked to predict what you think your current Baseline is at the start of each diary cycle. You can achieve this by moving the slider to the appropriate level within the Start New Diary menu page.

The Baseline is presented as a percentage. 0% means activity and functioning are severely affected while 100% equates to optimum functioning without any ME/CFS related symptoms or exhaustion…

100% functioning does not equate to the equivalent of a top class athlete it relates to normal functioning. Your functioning before you became unwell with ME/CFS.

Your chosen Baseline will be displayed on the ME Diary Welcome Page. After one week of ME Diaryrecording data, the diary will calculate a suggested Baseline. The recommended Baseline will now be displayed on the Welcome Page. The recommended Baseline will change intermittently according to your activity and exhaustion levels (depending on how long you have set the diary).

Remember following a suitable Baseline may prevent you from unhelpful boom and bust patterns and frequent bouts of Post-Exertional Neuroimmune Exhaustion (PENE). PENE is described in more detail later. You may still experience fluctuations within your energy levels, although these should be less severe.

If the recommended Baseline is 30% then maintaining your activity levels at 30% may benefit your recovery. If you have set your own predicted Baseline higher or lower than 30% you may want to reconsider your activity levels and recovery goals.

When you are confident that you have found a working Baseline, maintain this Baseline towards recovery. After you are able to maintain a Baseline without increasing intensity of PENE or any additional adverse affects; you may consider increasing the amount of activity you can perform. This should be done over a considerable length of time. Small increases in activity over long periods are recommended.

Amazon-Store-Icon-Small (2)The ME Diary is designed to empower an individual affected with ME/CFS. We hope that you learn to identify your Baseline as quickly as possible. This will allow the process of healing to begin. Remember to include rest frequently in your day in a pleasant safe environment.

The Baseline calculation uses activity and exhaustion data to calculate a recommended Activity Baseline. It is also important to relate your current symptoms to your Baseline. Recorded symptom data can be accessed within the Reports and Graphs section.

Monitoring your Activity

The diary allows you to monitor your activity every thirty minutes over a 24hr period, seven days a week. Simply touch a colour representing your chosen activity then touch the 24hr Activity Strip. It’s that simple.


Very important to allow for recovery and repair


May prevent boom and bust patterns in your weekly activity

Low levels of activity

Reading, watching television, talking or listening

Medium levels of activities

Self care, using a computer, making a snack

High levels of activity

Walking, driving, making a meal, social activity, house work

It is important to be consistent when recording your activity. To help facilitate this try to set each daily task as a low, medium or high activity.

Activity levels will not be the same prior to you becoming unwell. For example, driving a car prior to becoming unwell may have been a low activity. Depending on exhaustion and other symptoms this may now be a high activity. For someone severely affected with ME/CFS, getting out of bed may be a high activity.

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Everyone will be different. The important aspect in monitoring your daily activity is to be consistent with each category you choose.