Create Detailed Reports

Three easy Steps to Create a Detailed report from your latest diary cycle.

Step One

Email your current data or archive file to your personal email in-box.

Step Two

Copy and paste the data into a spreadsheet programme such as excel

Step Three

·         Open the excel data tab

·         Make sure column A is selected only

·         Select Data Tab then Text to Columns button

·         Check the Delimited button for the use of commas, press next

·         Select Comma and Tab button

·         Press Finish

Please see example below:

Excel ME Diary Data

A few more minutes…………………

If you would like to add colour to your report then take a few more minutes

·         Select a cell with either Rest, Sleep, Low, Medium or High Activity

·         Ctrl A to Select all

·         Select Conditional Formatting

·         Highlight Cell Rules

·         Text that Contains

·         Use drop down box to select Custom Format

·         Select Fill

·         Choose your colour

·         All cells with the same word will fill with selected colour

·         Repeat as required.

Please see example here:  ME Diary Report with Colour

For a more illustrative guide to creating a report please see Question 7 on our FAQ Page