Assessing Results

The ME Diary is a visual learning tool. The diary includes five charts and an additional energy grid. The ME Diary is password protected, which means the data on your phone is secure.

Bar Graph (Activity & Exhaustion)

A quick route to visualise any connections between your activity and recorded exhaustion. Progress may become evident when the gap between exhaustion and activity grows less and activity eventually takes the lead on exhaustion.

Line Chart (Symptoms/Exhaustion/PENE)

A good visual guide to spot boom and bust patterns. Sharp iritic highs and lows may indicate boom and bust patterns. Lines that follow one another with a mirror like image may indicate activity pacing. Learn to relate PENE to any increases in activity adding more rest consistently if needed.

Pie Chart (Activity)

The activity Pie Chart is an instant transcription of how you have been spending your energy. Whether sleeping, resting, low, medium or high activity, a balanced chart may indicate a healthy route to recovery

Pie Chart (Energy Domains)

Energy Domains are clearly displayed in this pie chart. A balanced chart may indicate a more even-handed use of your energy potential

Line Chart (Symptoms & Exhaustion)

This line graph highlights Exhaustion and other symptoms you have chosen to record. While many symptoms may be unrelated to the feeling of Exhaustion some correlations will exist. Over time this graph may help you spot these correlations and may point you in the direction of relevant treatment.

Energy Grid

The Energy Grid is a summary view of your activity, rest and sleep. Using this grid you can easily spot patterns of low, medium or high activity, sleep and rest. Use this grid to see patterns of good/poor sleep, adequate/inadequate rest, an even spread of activity or for spotting changes you could adopt (for example include more rest during the day)


Comments are essential when investigating why you may have an increase or decrease in ME/CFS symptoms. A well placed comment may allow you to recall significant daily or weekly life events well into the future. Comments can also be a useful aid when discussing symptoms with your GP or health care practitioner (comments can add qualitative elements to intermittent symptoms). Past Comments can be viewed at any time using the phone menu buttons. You can also edit any Comments if you need to.

Email your Results

You can email your results to your own personal email address or to anyone that may benefit you by seeing your results. Result data is not shared with anyone including IOT. Remember to Password Protect the ME Diary to protect your data.

Enable Password

To enable password protection for your data, select Password from the Phone Menu under the More Tab. Enter a suitable Password and Repeat. IOT recommend you password protect your data. The data cannot be opened without the ME Diary application so even if your SD card was lost or stolen your data could not be accessed.

Accessing your Results

The results page is accessed using the phone menu button and selecting Reports and Graphs.