Adding a Comment

Adding a Comment

So far we have looked at entering data using quantitative methods (expressed in numerical terms). To further help you find and maintain a Baseline we have included qualitative methods of adding data (often relating to the quality of something). This is in the form of a daily comment. It is recommended that you add a comment when you feel there has been a significant reason to do so. For example:

  1. A brief list of important daily activities
  2. A milestone in your recovery (maintaining a Baseline)
  3. Additional symptoms, which are not listed on the diary page
  4. Positive or negative occurrences regarding your treatment or care
  5. Significant life events that affect change in your life

Comments may help you record those points in your recovery (milestones) when you have either learnt a significant recovery factor or helped you identify other reasons relapses can occur.

To add a comment simply press the Add Comment button at the bottom of the data input screen. Comments can be revisited and edited using the phone menu buttons.

Commented entries can be accessed within the phone menu. View your comments as friendly advice from your former self.

It is possible to send your entire diary results to an Email address, and this allows you to analyse them in tools such as Microsoft Excel.

Any comments in the diary are included in this email, and are attributed to the date when the comment was added.

Each comment combined with numerical data will aid your overall recovery.