Energy Domains

Energy Domains may be a new concept for you! Do not despair the concept of Energy Domains is straight forward.

Cognitive Energy  =  Mental energy, concentration, memory, planning
Physical Energy  =  Physical movement, self care, walking, kitchen tasks
Emotional Energy  =  Expressive energy, happy, sad, angry, satisfied, frustrated
Social Energy   =  Collective energy, sharing, expressing, listening, talking

When we wake in the morning we apply certain types of energy to each and every task. For example using a computer would be an example of cognitive energy. Showering may be an example of a physical energy task and making a meal may include a mixture of both physical and cognitive energy. A night out with friends may involve social energy and a difficult situation at work or an amazing first date may be described as emotional energy.

Switching your energy from one type of energy to another may help you maintain a more even spread of your available energy (Energy Potential). As you start to find your Activity Baseline you may benefit from trying to have a more even balance of the selected Energy Domains.

We have only a finite amount of energy to use per day; this applies to all of us whether healthy or unhealthy (80% of our energy usage is used for basic life support).

Screenshot_2014-01-10-11-58-02 (2)Energy Domain levels are recorded as a daily percentage. You can apply all four energy domains for each 24hr period, a mixture of two or more or just a single energy domain. All 4 energy domains total 100%. Remember to complete a full 100% for each day but this does not depend upon how active you have been for that day.