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I have always found Pacing and finding a Baseline extremely difficult, this app takes the hard work out of both and is helping me enormously!! An excellent app!!

Personalisable and relevant, Unlike a paper diary, I have never forgotten to complete this one. I email myself the results and have a log to show my doctors. The baseline is interesting as I tend to overestimate how much I can do then crash – this app calculates it for you and helps you avoid the push-crash of ME/CFS.

Very useful for help with pacing. I’ve had ME for 22 years so am experienced at pacing. Have used paper diaries in past. This is much easier to use, gives feedback and sets baseline, let’s you see what you’re really doing eg sleep pattern, how often totally resting easily from colour. Thank you. Recommend to anyone with ME

Just to let you know I love my app!!! Great to use, very comforting, it also helps to know that there are people who take M.E seriously enough to design something so helpful. xxx

Thank you for spending the time to put together such a great and helpful app. I really am very impressed by this app and how easy it is to use and understand.

This CFS/ME diary is a great tool if, like me you suffer with this debilitating condition. I hope it gets into the hands of all ME patients who need all of the help possible to do what it takes to improve their condition.

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